Friday, 10 July 2015

Solidarity with Heroes

When a state welcomes back heroes with charges of terrorism one can not feel more than contempt and despite for that state. The 2 Spanish Freedom Fighters that have been risking their lives for 6 months in Rojava confronting that gang of rapists, islamo-fascists and perverts called ISIS have been detained by the Spanish repressive apparatus. You can read about it here and already posted about how the Spanish government exercises its repressive role against far-left militants that had sided with the pro-russian side in Novorossiya. It seems they intend to use the same charges against these 2 Humanitarian Fighters, "joining a terrorist organization", and "putting at risk the interests of the 'Spanish nation'"...

Both accusations are demented and delusional and prove how rotten the Spanish government is. Considering the YPG/YPJ as a terrorist group is like saying that being vegetarian is a crime against humanity... The second accusation "risks for the interests of Spain" is particularly stupid, as it indicates that the Spanish government acknowledges the links between the Turkish state and ISIS. I assume that the Spanish government does not recognize ISIS as a state. So, which other states we have there?. Irak and Syria? Both of them are fighting against ISIS (OK, yes, Assad is against the Kurdish liberation process, but I guess that's not a concern for the Spanish government). We have one country left, Turkey. Oh, yes, we all know that Turkey and its IslamoNationalist government are big allies of the West... (sick world). For sure the Spanish government does not want to irritate Erdogan, that friendly murderer... So, what we can deduce from this is that they admit that fighting against ISIS can irritate Turkey, and hence there's a link between ISIS and the Erdogan beast... Thanks Rajoy, you are admitting what we already knew...

There are millions of proofs of how the Turkish government collaborates with ISIS, but this article explaining how the terrorists entered Kobane some weeks ago through the Turkish border is revolting. Maybe this was the best way Erdogan could find to take revenge against the ascent of the HDP, the left-wing pro-Kurdish party.

I really think Kurdish people in Europe should conduct actions against the interests of the Turkish government, something similar to what an Armenian organization did in the 70's and 80's.

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