Saturday, 14 November 2015

Je Suis Humain

Je suis Charlie. Je suis Humain. Je suis choqué. Je suis tellement en colère. J'ai mal à la tête et à l'ame. Je me sens plein de haine, de tristesse... Je ne sai pas quoi dire, mais je vais essayer de l'écrire ici.

I am Charlie. I am a Human Being. I'm shocked. I'm so angry. My head and my soul hurt. I'm filled with hate and sadness. I don't know what to say, but I'll try to write it down here.

Last night I was going to bed after doing some hobbyist programming when I read the shocking news, the terror attacks in Paris. I was so shocked, angry and in pain. It took me time to fall asleep. This morning I ran to my laptop to read the news as soon as I woke up, but indeed I don't know why. I mean, I know enough. Some monsters blinded by a sickening perversion of the Muslim faith decided to kill as many innocents as they could. That's all what matters. In the next days we'll read about how they got radicalised, if they came from a Muslim family or they had converted. If their ancestors had been born here or there, or maybe these beasts had just crossed the border. We'll probably read that some of them had grown up in a quartier sensible, and in such case maybe some idiot will tell us how the French society had marginalized them... Maybe some other idiot (considering himself a leftist) will say that fundamentalist Islam exists because of capitalism an inequality. Bullshit, I don't care (and I don't buy it). Radical Islam exists mainly because Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait want it to exist, that's why they fund it with millions of petrodollars.

Right now all what matters to me is that they are bloodthirsty beasts that hate anyone that does not fit into their perverted vision of the world. They hate me, they hate you, they hate us, they are our sworn enemies and as such they must be treated. Today, more than ever, we are at war, a very difficult war, but in the moral sense it's a really simple one. Usually there are millions of geopolitical factors to account for when thinking about this kind of conflicts (how a past of colonisation, exploitation or previous wars project into the present...) but this case is pretty simple. This is just a war of Good vs Evil, Humanity vs Horror. It's like the war against fascist regimes in the last century, they are just scum that must be destroyed, for good and forever.

I've been seriously touched by these events. Previous terror attacks in New York, Madrid or London seemed very far to me (even when Madrid is geographically slightly closer to Xixon than Paris is to Toulouse). I don't have an emotional connection with those cities (well, I have it now with London, but in 2005 I had been there just once), but I have a strong connection with Paris. In part it's because I've been there quite a few times (and I think in all those occasions I've been around the area where the slaughter has been perpetrated). In part it's because it's the most beautiful city in the world. And in part it is because as it happens with other big French urban areas (Toulouse is a great example), it represents for me the biggest example of how people of different cultures, "races", ethnicities and religions can live together and share a present and a future (yes, for sure it's not perfect and there are problems, but the overall result so far is beautiful and inspiring). So an attack like this is not an attack to a city or a country, it's an attack to the whole of humanity and our shared existence.

Of course the French government has hurried up to state that serious measures will be taken, but which measures? Which real measures were taken after the Charlie Hebdo tragedy? Ah, yes, they put some troops on the streets, watching large train and Metro stations, synagogues... it's quite visible, but it's nothing. I'm not aware of the state watching seriously what is said in mosques and deporting radical clerics. I'm not aware of massive operations against salafist scum, I'm not aware of new policies of assimilation being put in place and replacing the dreadful "communitarism". When is this kind of measures going to be carried out???

The biggst measure that the French government seems to have launched is taking part in the air strikes against Daesh in Syria. Of course I support these actions, but it's not enough and furthermore it's pretty hypocritical. Basically the French government is trying to kill yihadist of French origin that are "fighting" (i.e.raping and enslaving women, torturing and murdering civilians...) in Syria. That's good, for sure, but why the same policy is not applied when they return to France? Yes, sure, this is the Politically Incorrect part of this post. I'm saying that when yihadist return to France they should be executed. They return here after having committed crimes against Humanity (I don't care how many women they have raped or how many people they have killed, if they went there it's because they wanted to do that), and come back with the intent of committing crimes and doing proselytism here. Honestly, and I'm not overdoing, this is right what I think, I'd like them to be shot on the spot as soon as they set foot in Europe. No detention, no trial, just shoot them dead on the spot as they get off the plane. You can call it revenge and brutality, I call it justice.

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