Saturday, 19 March 2016

Better Shot Than Arrested

I guess you've read the news, Salah Abdeslam, one of the main responsibles for the Paris carnage of last November has been arrested. Most people consider this like excellent news, I'm not so happy with it. Obviously it's better to have this beast arrested than free on the streets, but the desirable outcome for me would be to have him shot dead during the operation, as it happened in Saint Denis and with the Charlie Hebdo murderers.

Arrested, that means that he will spend a few years in a comfortable French or Belgian prison (those who die trying to cross the Mediterranean scaping from hunger or persecution would be quite happy before such prospect). If he ends up in a French prison it means that he will be fed, dressed and heated with the tax money of among others the families and loved ones of the victims. He will not do any sort of work in prison to pay for his basic needs, the state will pay. He will leverage his stay there to try to redicalize other inmates, so he will continue to harm the Western society that he hates so much but that has given him all the opportunities that many on the other side of the Mediterranean will never have. Oh, yes, he comes from a ghetto (the infamous Molenbeek), he is a "victim" of islamophobia, colonialism and bla, bla, bla... come on, go fuck yourself. Nowadays each time I hear the words Islamophobia and colonialism I feel nausea, because they are used by pseudo-left, pseudo-intellectuals to justify anything and to foster and spread the hatred of our civilization... and you know what?, I proudly continue to affirm that Western European civilization (with all its failures) is the maximum expression of Human civilization, period.

Sure if one of the normal muslims that I know and with which I share time and stories were ever discriminated by its faith I would feel nausea, but I feel that same nausea when someone is accused of islamophobia just for saying that fundamentalist Islam is not compatible with a modern and decent society and that fundamentalist beasts should be expelled of our countries.

The good news about this piece of crap called Salah Abdeslam is that he seems to be a coward. Despite all his hatred, bigotry and fanatism he had no bollocks to blow himself. Maybe he thought that with so many "martyrs" going up to paradise they could be running out of virgins and he could better abuse women by staying here. The thing is that for many radicals he could be seen as a failure and a traitor. Maybe we will be lucky and at some poin Daesh or any other group of beasts will bring up a "fatwa" asking for his execution. So well, maybe some day one "purest form or fundamentalist scum" will chop his head in prison :-D

The horrible news is that he was arrested in his neighbourhood, 500 meters far from his home!!! If this piece of crap felt secure there it's because he felt that many people around the area supported him. How many people knew or suspected that he was there? Shit, sure there are normal people living there, but feels like a sizeable percentage of the population in that neighbourhood should just be stripped of their nationality and expelled.

By the way, I've been to Molenbeek twice, before it got so infamous. The first time (2010) it was by chance, I was strolling around Brussels and as it's close to downtown I ended up there. The second time it was on purpose. You can guess that I am much into social issues and feel terribly attracted by the wonders of integrated multiculturalism and the horrors of non integrated parallel communities, and in 2013 Molenbeek already had a certain reputation as a place to go to take a look. Sure it's not the best area in Brussels, but I did not see dilapidated buildings or hungry kids... I saw schools, Metro stations, city council advertisements... so please, don't use your false stories of poverty and discrimination to justify radicalization, once more it doesn't hold up

You want another horror real story about fundamentalist islam in Europe? This comes from quite a few metro stations far from my flat (but given the "salafist dress code for men" that I can see sometimes right on my street it could come from even closer). One young woman from Bellefontaine (one of the, but not the worst, Toulousain "quartier sensible") has finally made it to the caliphate and is urging others to do so because crossing the Turkish border is getting more difficult (seems like cErdogan has changed his mind and is no longer giving a lift to the new Daesh recruits). To my astonishment, this was her third attempt to reach the "salafist promised land". In the previous occasions she would just be returned to Toulouse, where it's not only that she would not be put in prison, but as her father prevented her from using internet she would try to leverage the free internet connection in an association that tries to keep youngsters away from radicalization!!!.
Indeed, she was rejected access to their premises cause she was trying to brainwash other girls there!!!
Hope she will be forced into marriage (and all sort of sexual abuse) with one after another Daesh beast as they die in combat. The role of a good muslim woman in the caliphate is providing care and happiness to a man, so as soon as her husband dies in combat she has to marry another terrorist ASAP.
Ah, the ice of the cake, in her final travel, her mother joined her!!! Well, assuming that she will be in her forties, hopefully the pedophile Daesh beasts will find her useless and will kick her out of paradise..

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