Friday, 8 July 2016


First I'll start with one apology to some potential reader. If you are a British person that voted against the Brexit, sorry for all the disdain, contempt and even hatred that I'm going to express in the following paragraphs, but I guess you'll share with me such disdain for the bunch of assholes in your country that voted for this shit. My main feeling for England and Wales right now is "go fuck yourself".

So UK is quitting the European Union after a mass of ignorant, xenophobic (big part of the "exit" campaing was based on plain xenophobia) assholes decided so. As a convinced and proud European I consider this quite tragic, not because of the future of UK, that after this exercise of collective stupidity I quite don't care, but because other assholes in continental Europe will intend to follow their example. I would hope that populations in France, Italy or Holland will be a bit more smart, but well, I have little trust in the masses, people tend to follow the most stupid leader and swallow the most stupid ideas, as has happened in England and Wales.

I used to go to London once per year, as in the past it used to be my favourite city. Hopefully in the last years I've come to find cities like Paris or Berlin way more interesting than London. I've also been moving away from any sort of anglophile feeling. The country has been all these decades much more a servant of the USA than an European college. Over time this fact and many others (I'll list just a few) have caused on me a deep change in my feelings for England

  • Ridiculous idiosincracies like being proud of having a Queen
  • All this looking down on France or Belgium because of our problems with bad neighbourhoods and radical Islam, as if England had not just the same problems
  • The continuous stigmatization of immigrants as guilty of ruining the social system, when there is a mass of "aboriginal" English population that lives off the state doing nothing. How many times have you seen a "white skinned English person" working on a fast food restaurant or other badly paid job? At least in the past it was fairly uncommon, as they could get that same shit salary from the state.
  • Their crappy educational system (one of the worst in Europe) producing a mass of uneducated youngsters
  • The unionist/loyalist bastards in Northern Ireland seem almost that smart and fanatic as any redicalized muslim.

I'm not much sure of how many "made in England" products I've bought in the last years, but after this act of stupidity, given that England is no longer "one of us", I think I'll try to keep it to a minimum and benefit other countries. Likewise, I don't see myself visiting London for leisure/tourism with the regularity that I did it in the past.

In many ways UK has been an obstacle to a true European integration, so indeed I think we will be much better without them, the important thing is to use this as an opportunity to strengthen the unity of European countries and to reinforce the position of Europe in the geopolitical space. The joy of Trump after the Brexit reminds us once again that USA is not our friend. This Trump shithead is happy before the prospect of a broken Europe, so that he will be able to mangle with separate small governments, we have to be strong and do just the contrary, a strong Europe that will remain the vanguard of civilization and individual freedom, versus the other backward big powers like USA, Russia or the Islamofascists (Turkey, Golf States...)

Among the measures to put Europe back in the map one of the most important should be the creation of a European Army so that we can break away from NATO and take our own decisions as main players in the geopolitical arena. Another main step is abandoning the senseless idea of approaching Turkey to Europe. This islamofascist and genocidal democratic dictatorship has nothing to do with our values, and should be counted as an enemy, not a friend. The integration of other ultraconservative and nationalistic societies, like Ukraine, also has to be abandoned. The EU must be a selected club of progressist, advanced, liberal societies (so yes, there are countries like Poland, Hungary or the Baltic states that probably should not be in this club).

I hope that many companies will move part of their businesses (headquarters, research facilities, even factories) from England/Wales to the rest of Europe. Maybe then some of the idiots that voted for the brexit will feel so much contempt for Cameron, Farage and Boris Johnson as I do. I also hope that Scotland will break away from UK as soon as possible and Ireland will finally be reunited (and all the loyalist idiots kicked into England and join the masses of "pure-blood Brits" that live off the state :-D

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