Sunday, 14 May 2017

Macron President

Let's start this post with an enormous exclamation of RELIEF.
OK, now let's go on. 20.743.128 (66.10% of valid votes) French citizens saved The French Republic last Sunday by giving their vote to Emmanuelle Macron. Some did it by conviction, others to stop the FN monster, to make sure their plan to destroy the France and the Europe that we know, to throw us into isolation, chaos and misery, could not be carried out. The French Republic has been saved, hopefully we have not followed the path into disaster followed recently by UK and USA voters, and we can look at them with superiority and say "Fuck you, we are cultivated Europeans, you are anglosaxons".

I don't want to devote much time to the 10.638.475 (34.90% of valid votes) idiots, ignorant beasts or whatever that voted for Marine Le Pen. If the catastrophe had taken place and she had won, they would have suffered the consequences of their ignorance or evilness once the French society and economy had got disintegrated. After all these years of dediabolisation, where the FN has made a huge effort to present themselves as "normal folks", I used to think that good part of the vote for the FN came out of the (justified) fear of Islam and criminality, the rejection of the other old and corrupt parties, the confused vision of the EU as a source of evil, and so on... After the electoral debate on May 3rd, where Marine Le Pen drop her mask and behaved like a violent, almost crazy beast, vomiting all sort of insults, lies and unfounded accusations, I can no longer think of any kind of justification for those who voted for her. They are either people with cognitive deficiencies or ultra-nationalist, xenophobic bastards full of hate.

As for the 25% of people that did not vote, and the 4 million people that voted either blank or null, I have basically the same bad feeling and contempt as for the FN voters. I quite understand that some people decide not to do the effort to choose between Sarkozy and Hollande (or between PP and PSOE in Spain). You don't see much difference between having one or another managing the country, so you just don't give your opinion (indeed, I have not voted in the last Spanish elections). But if you are not able to see the difference and make a choice between the Le Pen clan and Macron, you are full of shit. My disdain (well, it's stronger than that, it's hatred) goes in particular to those alleged "lefties" that in the first round had voted for Melenchon's sect (La France Insoumise), or even worse, for the NPA islamo-stalinists, and in the second round decided not to "get their hands dirty" voting for a "banker" (as they call Macron), letting the door open to Le Pen. Those that (in Melenchon's stupid vocabulary) could not choose between the "extreme-droite" and the "extreme-finance". I think these so called "lefties" have also drop their masks. These people have waved the flag of anti-racism, multi-culturalism, open society and so on cause it's part of the "left-culture", but indeed they don't give a shit about it. They have only taken into account the economical dimension to decide between FN and En Marche, and as many of them in their ignorance have judged that the "liberalism with human face" of Macron would be as bad as the senseless economical program of Le Pen (that is indeed not much different from Melenchon's "utopia"), they have preferred not to help us to stop the human drama that the FN would bring about, because as I say, internally they don't really care about xenophobia or discrimination, it was just a trendy piece of clothes that can be taken off and thrown into a drawer. It's particularly painful to think that for sure many of these scumbags will have vehemently accused of "Islamophobia" to anyone critizising radical Islam, but now they would not give a shit about the mispolicies that Le Pen would perpetrate against any Muslim...

These "lefties" are so radical and so "insoumis" that not even the calls to vote against Le Pen launched by most of the progressist media were able to make them change their mind. They do not obey (I mean, they only obey to the Melenchon "comrade")... I'll put here some of the calls to actions that some decent media put up that week, they make up part now of our history:

Charlie Hebdo front page: Is it really necessary to do a design?

Charlie Hebdo last page: Is it really necessary to do a speech?

Le Canard Enchaine: The Canard also advocates for the "ni-ni": Neither Marine nor Le Pen

Liberation: Do whatever you want, but vote for Macron

L'Humanite, the French Communist Party newspaper, (yes, the PCF does not get on well with the Melenchon bastard)
Let's stop her!

Les Echos, an economy magazine: Defeat the extremism

Before closing this writing, I'll share my shocking experience with one of these "I don't give a shit" individuals (I don't know if he voted in the first round or not...). Last Sunday afternoon I was sitting on a train on my way back to Toulouse. It was 20:30, I had no data connection on my phone (I'm not plannig to explain why), SNCF does not provide WiFi on board and obviously I really needed to know the results, to know if our world as we know it was going to shit. I looked around (assuming everyone would be reading like crazy Le Monde, Le Figaro or whatever source of electoral information... but it was not the case). So I chose one twenty-something guy that was reading a comic on his phone. When I asked him if he knew the electoral results he looked at me absolutely surprised, asking me "the presidential elections?" He searched on google and showed me the good news, France (and Europe) was saved. The guy had not looked at the results until that moment and was totally surprised that anyone could have the slighlest interest on them. They guy was indifferent, absolutely unaware of the big difference that it would make for everyone's life (including his life) that Le Pen would win. He showed no emotion at all when he showed me the results on the screen... An authentic "Je m'en fou/I don't give a shit"...

A tous ceux qui ont voté pour battre Le Pen, MERCI

A Melenchon et NPA, allez vous faire foutre, collabos de merde (avec Le Pen et avec les islamistes)

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