Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Oresund Bridge

Maybe you know that there is a bridge that joins Denmark to Sweden, bridging the 16 kms gap between Copenhagen and Malmo. Maybe you've seen some pic like this:

A beautiful piece of engineering, for sure. But if you see a picture like this you'll probably be shocked!

What the fuck? A bridge to nowhere? This is a joke or what?

Well, I didn't go through that astonishment cause I had watched this documentary before. There they explain that the Oresund link is indeed a tunnel and a bridge.
The Copenhagen side of the link is just next to the Airport, and having started a high rise bridge there would have caused trouble with air traffic. A 16 kms tunnel would have been too expensive, so the solution was to mix both. A 4 kms tunnel starts in Copenhagen and goes up into an artificial island where the road/tracks run for 4 kms until reaching the 8 kms bridge that ends in the Swedish coast.

Crossing it by train as I recently did is pretty fast. When travelling from Denmark to Sweeden, when you emerge into the surface you'll see the so famous Turning Torso on your left, dominating the whole region of Scania.

By the way, I should write a post about this trip, but as maybe I won't find the time, I'll mention it here. Copenhagen is a really beautiful city. There's not any astonishing spot, but the city as a whole is really cute. I pretty loved the predominance of harmonious architecture, the main canal and its modern buildings, the imposing Christianborg, the lively, relaxed atmosphere...

Regarding Malmo, probably you've heard about it because of the Turning Torso skyscrapper. Well, honestly there is not much more to it. There are a few nice old buildings, but the old town is really, really small, and for the rest, there a few more nice modern buildings like Malmo live, the water front is OK, there is a small canal... but in general the city reminded me of Xixon, A Corunha or some of the cheap, modern and not particularly tasty areas of Toulouse... so, it's not bad, but for sure it's not too interesting.

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