Sunday, 1 October 2017

Islamists and Delinquency

There's an evident link between radical Islam and delinquency. A big part of the Islamists that go to rape and enslave women in Syria have a background as dealers, common thieves and so on. The same goes for those committing attacks in Europe, indeed, in many cases these ones have not left behind their past as petty criminal, and have been dealing and committing robberies until the day before their attacks. One root reason why these bastards fall easily into Islamism is that they are most of the time very poorly educated people (better to smoke joints in the park than going to high school...) and in most cases they are not particularly smart individuals... This bunch of ignorant bastards are easy prey for any of those Saudi paid and educated imams managing the radical mosque of the neighbourhood, for the Video game style yihadist propaganda on the net or for a previously radicalised prison mate.

It's not only that petty criminals are easier to indoctrinate, it's also that the more criminality exists in one neighbourhood, the more isolated from the rest of the city it will become. The closer and more communitarist the area becomes, the easier it will for the disaffected population to be lured into the Islamist trap. So for the Islamist indoctrinators, every time the police is prevented from entering a "quartier sensible", or the firemen are attacked while trying to do their work, or an ambulance is set on fire (like last month in "Le Mirail" in Toulouse), or a teacher is silenced, insulted and even physically attacked, it's a step in the right direction. That's the main reason why these "thinking heads" of the islamization of Europe, while advocating a "society" where people will get an arm chopped for having committed a robery, approve and support delinquency in the neighbourhoods that they are trying to dominate.

The other day, reading an impressive and terrifying investigation in Charlie Hebdo about the Islamization of the High Schools in the Northern neighbourhoods of Marseille (it's even worse that I would expect), I came across with another motivation for Islamists to tolerate and get involved in delinquency. One High School director explains how in 2004 (yes, the islamization process to destroy our societies has been working from well before many people think) a group of dealers used to insult some young teachers, calling them bitches and infidels for wearing a skirt... After the intervention of the police there was some "negotiation" between the school and these pieces of crap to calm down the situation. The director was quite intrigued by how it was possible that these "very strict" Muslims would be involved in a vicious activity (drugs are forbidden in Islam, they are "haram") like dealing drugs, and discussing with them he learnt:

"They've sweared to me that they only sold drugs to "whites", the French youngsters, and that this was their way to practice jihad. To fuck their brain, their defenses, to break their shit society. That day, I understood that these guys, even if they were lying, were at war with you, with us, with me".

So they conduct jihad by poisonig "the infidels" with drugs. Quite in line with the last directives by Daech and other Islamist beasts, asking for poisoning water supplies, supermarket foods... they also ask for burning forests!!!

Just before publishing this post I learn with sadness about this new Islamist attack, this time in Marseille, in one of world's most beautiful train stations, a place that I particularly love. Hopefully the terrorist has been shot dead by the Security Forces.

More than ever, Let's hunt down (dead or dead) the Islamists

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