Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tariq the Rapist

Some weeks ago Charlie Hebdo published an excellent article comparing the "Law of Silence" in Hollywood around the sexual aggressions to women with the "Law of Silence" around radical Islamists in most of the islamized (occupied) neighbourhoods in France (and Belgium for the matter). They proposed to start a campaign similar to "#balancetonporc" (report your pig), that should be called "balancetonyihadist". I absolutely like the idea, but indeed I would prefer a "report the Islamist", as I don't care if they have already, or are about to commit violent actions, as long as they follow an Islamist/Salafist/rigorist Islam they are our enemies and should be expelled from our countries (or imprisoned for life if there's no other choice). Also, unfortunately I think the "Law of Silence" around Islamists is not only a matter of fear ("they'll burn my shop or my car if I inform on those beasts in the 'quartier'"). I think in too many cases the sense of community (that has moved from a positive "help each other" to disgusting, segregationist "communitarism") plays a huge role. I think too many muslims think like this: "I don't fully agree with these 'radicals', but they are 'my people', not like the 'white (or yellow) French infidels'.

Anyway, there has been some nice news in the last weeks. Given the hate and despite that Islamists feel for women, it's not strange that Islamists show up in the list of sex-abusers being reported. Some weeks ago the Islamist scum Tariq Ramadan was accused by Henda Ayari, a woman that after having being brainwashed into Salafism managed to escape from this sect and embrace freedom and dignity some years ago. During the dark times when she was an Islamist she was raped by one of the most popular Islamists, that bastard so admired by the "Islamo-Gauche", Tariq Ramadan. After her, more women have reported being raped by him. You can say that he has not been judged and I should be applying the "Presumption of Innocence" principle. On one side, that principle applies to Human beings, not to medieval beasts. Bearing in mind that for an Islamist abusing, punishing and raping women is just like breathing, I don't think this principle should be applied. If one has to choose between believing what normal people (the abused women) say, and believing what a beast full of contempt for anyone not belonging to the "Islamist clan" says, the choice is pretty clear to me. On the other side, anything that can damage the image of this motherfuckers seems good to me, so the faster and louder we spread the news, the better.

Charlie Hebdo did some excellent cartoons of this "cool and calm" Islamist shithead, and received (once again) dead threats for it...

The official media of the anti-Laique, anti-French, pro-Islam, pseudo-left "movement", Mediapart, was fast to attack Charlie-Hebdo again, and in a delirious statement accused them of being part of a lost left which obsession against Islam sides them with the far-right... I would love to see the offices of Mediapart (assuming that they have physical offices for putting online the hate-speech of a bunch of islamo-collaborationists) burnt to ashes, and the traitor Edwy Penel searching for a job in Qatar...


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