Friday, 21 August 2015


I think many people don't know that Cyprus is a divided (invaded) country, and its capital Nicosia is the last remaining divided big city (along with Jerusalem). Though I quite knew about this situation, watching a few documentaries [1] and [2] on this topic last weekend has really infuriated me. Sure this is fostered by the visceral hate that I have developed lately for Turkey (as a state): the permanent neglect of the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides, their ongoing joint venture to perpetrate a Kurdish genocide and destroy any kind of coexistence among religions (Syria...)

The passivity of the international community towards the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and the ensuing murdering and looting is shocking, not only at that time, but particularly now. With Cyprus being a member of the EU, the whole EU should exercise a hard boycott on Turkey, damaging their economy as badly as possible, putting them to the corner to force their complete withdrawal from Cyprus and strong economic compensations. The EU has just done so with different actors and without a real reason. I'm talking about the economic sanctions to Russia because of the conflict with Ukraine. I've already said it before, basically I don't give a shit about any of those 2 countries. In my eyes they are probably the 2 most xenophobic, utranationalist, racist and homophobic societies in the world (yes, sure, I'm judging them as a whole, it goes without saying that sure there are normal Russian and Ukrainian individuals that abhor their societies as much as I do), so I don't think we should spend any effort with them. Anyway, the alleged "Russian invasion" of Eastern Ukraine can not be compared in anyway to what happened in Cyprus. Russia is supposed to have entered into a territory where most of the population is of Russian descent, while the percentage of Turks in Norther Cyprus before the invasion was pretty lower. Likewise, so called "progressive" forces in Europe seem never tired of remembering us about the drama of the Palestinians, but stay oblivious to the drama of Kurds, yazidis or Eastern Christians being slaughtered by ISIS and the collaborationist Turkish government.

Hopefully I think in the last years the idea of Turkey joining the EU has been losing momentum, and indeed, I think it's just impossible. In principle all EU member states have to agree on a new country entering the Union, and obviously Cyprus will never agree, and I assume that Greece either. I had always opposed to the idea on cultural and historical basis, now it's purely that I can't consider Turkey a civilized country.

As a curiosity, I'll have to admit that Turkey seems to have done one good action in these years regarding this island, they have constructed a rather unique undersea pipe to carry water to the chronically water deficient island (to the Turkish occupied side, of course

We can all wish that with the rising tensions in Turkey (I think they could be on the verge of a civil war between islamo-nationalist scum on one side and Kurds and left-wing Turks on the the other side), some Left-wing Kurdish or Turkish fighter will make justice and get us rid of the current Turkish Fuhrer, that vicious torturer and murderer called Erdogan.

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