Sunday, 30 August 2015

Some films I've watched this year

In the last year my rate of film watching has quite decreased, so I have hardly posted any reviews. Anyway, there are a few rather interesting films that deserve at least a short mention here. Here it goes:

  • The East. I watched this excellent film 1 year ago, but never found the time to do a full review. It tells the story of a group of eco-fighters and the "spy" that infiltrates them. It stars the "indie diva"Brit Marling and the so cute Ellen Page. It's no wonder that the eco-militant thing reminded me of 12 Monkeys, one of my all-time favourite films.

  • The Captive. I watched this film early this year in Toulouse ABC cinemas. I quite liked it, it's slow but thrilling, with a broken narrative that makes it difficult at some moments to fully follow the story (maybe this is also because I watched it in English with French subtitles). I guess it's loosely inspired by Natascha_Kampusch's story.

  • We need to talk about Kevin. Wow, quite a shocking film. If you don't have kids and do not plan to do so, this is a nice story to reinforce you in your positions, and will be pretty handy to recommend it to your parents if they ever get a bit tiresome with the "you are not making us grandparents" kind of disappointed complaints :-)

  • Ex Machina. Best science-fiction film in a long while. A software developer performing a Turing test and falling in love with the target... well, something like that could have come up from my head! By the end of the film you'll be in love (or at least pretty horny) with the I.A.

  • La ninha de Fuego. It seems like this film has gained quite attention and pretty good reviews in France (I watched it last week in Utopia cinemas, and it was also on display in ABC cinemas). Slow and intense, it suggests but hides, making your imagination flow and leaving you with some open questions. I love how sexual domination is used as one of the main ingredients of the story, but no sex is shown (other than a nude image of the main female character, a tortured "femme fatale". This kind of strange story slightly reminded me of Almodovar's The skin I live in.

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