Sunday, 6 December 2015

Hotel Descas

Already in my first incursion to Bordeaux 2 years ago I came across with one impressive building that was not mentioned in the guides that I had been reading, the Hotel Descas or Chateaus Descas. I've had pending a short post about it ever since, so given that today I've passed by it, marvelled again, and taken some fresh pics, it's about time to cross it off my ToDo list.

It's one more sample of that astonishing kind of French building that almost obsesses me, like the Hotels de Ville of Paris and Lyon, the Louvre... but you'll find them everywhere in France. The feature that I appreciate the most are those incredible slate roofs so huge and complex. For sure Chateau Descas is a great example of that kind of roofs, and it also boasts beautiful sculptures and mascarons on its facade. This kind of buildings exist since the French Renaissance, but the so intricate roofs are probably a more baroque element. The facade itself I assume fits into the Beaux Arts style. I'm a pretty ignorant person regarding architecture (I just like it), so probably what I'm saying is rather wrong.

I just leave you with some poor pictures to whet your appetite.


Facade details:

The roofs:

In English:

En fran├žais:

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