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La Merde de la Republique

For years the political Left has been a meeting point for some brilliant minds, humanists, idealists, well hearted individuals... but also for a huge amount of persons with very serious mental problems. I think in the last years the proportion of the last ones has grown to the extent of making many Left Wing political organizations a real threat to Humanity. Some of the mental problems of these members can be contagious and you will end up with 2 sickening phenomena that happen over and over in left wing groups: "Left wing" nationalism and "Left wing" islamism.

I know a lot about Left Wing nationalism cause I used to be part of that crap for many years. What starts with a healthy interest in the defense of some aspects of the identity of your birthplace can easily degenerate into chovinism, exacerbation of the idea of "us vs them" and almost xenophobia. You can see this for example in the Catalonian separatist movement.

As for "Left wing islamism", OK, it's not exactly that some left wing idiots convert to salafism and start to rape and stone women in the name of the proletariat and social justice... I'm referring to their total lack of criticism of anything related to Islam and their obsession with branding anyone that does so as "islamophobic". Their obsession with the rights of those "nice and devote" (mentally sick) muslim women that are banned by the French government from wearing a "cool" (disgusting and medieval) full veil is in stark contrast with their total lack of interest for those Arab women that are forced by "the muslim community" to follow the islamic dress code just a few kilometers far from central Paris. The kind of idiots that will support a conference of scum like Tarik Ramadan and that will happily mix in a demonstration againts "l'etat d'urgence" with Islamist groups. These are usually the same brainshits that are so ashamed and obsessed with the colonial past (and will never accept any sort of "not so bad" aspects in at least some moments of the colonial era) that will justify any crime commited by la racaille (from violent robbery to even rape) as long as those members of la racaille have dark skin (hey, given my olive skin color, maybe next time I see one of these idiots I will try to grab his iphone 6 and he will just smile considering it as an anticolonial action). These are the idiots that see the riots of 2005 as something revolutionary, rather than as gangs of criminals releasing all their hate for a society that has been giving them social benefits since birth... Yes, I guess you get an idea of how much I despise them...

For sure the French "Left" is infected by this virus of Islamocollaborationism (aka IslamoGauchisme), colonial shame and fascination with those "abandonné de la Republique" (abandoned by the State) aka scum of the "Quartiers Sensibles" (of course there are normal people living in these neighbourhoods, people that are mainly victims of these criminals living in these neighbourhoods rather than victims of the government). Hopefully there are still smart and honest individuals in the Left that keep a clear mind and radically denounce all this madness, Charlie Hebdo and Marianne are clear examples. With this in mind, I've got used to any sort of stupidity coming from the main "Alternative Left" groups in France (to the point that they seem to me even more dangerous than le FN), but there is a group that goes absolutely beyond any limit, les "Indigènes de la Republique" (I hate them so much that I will not even put a link here).

I first heard about this criminals in one article in Marianne about Islamocollaborationists. I was pretty shocked, but I thought they would be so residual that I did not even search more about them. A few weeks ago, after the Nice attack, I read an interview to a person working in an anti-radicalisation program, where he stated that this organization (along with the scum of the CCIF "collectif contre l'islamophobie en France", that defends all sort of extremists) should be banned. The author of the Nice crimes was radicalised among other things by reading the websites of both groups. After reading another reference to these criminals in Charlie Hebdo, I decided to investigate a bit more. What I found is just hard to believe...

Well, I think these "Indigenes" do not label themselves as "Left", but many of their militants come from the radical left, and while part of the Left openly rejects them, other groups of Left radicals try to create links with them. The main role of the group (that over time has formed a political party, the PIR) is the "anti-colonial struggle" and the defense of the "population of the 'quartiers populaires'" (only if they are not white, and hence can be considered as "indigenes"). They ask for putting an end to the "laicite" to "end with religious discrimination" (so let's allow burqas in schools, crowds cutting off a street to pray, praying areas in the work place, new religious celebrations...), ending with the "structural racism of the French society" (I wonder what the fuck they are talking about), defending communitarism (so replacing the "vivre ensemble" with the "vivre à cote") and so on and so on. You will read texts of some of their "militants" (criminals) that start with "I am an Arab born in France". If you have been born in France (and lived here all your life as I can work out from the rest of the article) you should be a French citizen of Arab descent, or a French-Arab, but if you are still just an Arab, you are just someone that has rejected to integrate and assimilate in the society that has fed you all your life, and you should be expelled of this country because you don't deserve to live here and your place should be taken by someone that wants to contribute to this society rather than destroy it.

The above looks enough to show what an abomination they are, but they go much, much further. On one side they practice a strong anti-white discrimination (not only blaming "whites" for everything, but being very elusive to the question about whether "blancs des quartiers populaires" could join their "movement") and at the same time they attack anti-racist organizations that assume the existence of anti-white racism (and it's totally true that a "white person" is a main target, along with the Asian population as is happening with the Chinese community in Saint Denis lately, for being robbed and molested by la racaille). They say that racism can only exist if exercised by a big structure of power, when exercised by individuals or groups it's not racism... amazing... But they go further. One of their founders and main ideologist (Houria Bouteldja, a fierce defender of Hamas...) goes so far in her communitarism that advocates for "race separation"!!! Blacks should only reproduce with blacks and Arabs with Arabs, saying that mixing with whites is repulsive (all this is said to be done in the name of increasing the number of indigenes and avoiding assimilation!!!) You want even more?, oh yes, they are homophobic, saying that homosexual behaviour is not present in the "quartiers populaires" and basically is a product of the white bourguesy!!! they mix this with some mentions to Arab virility!? and they deeply attack white-western feminism (I assume they defend the right of a woman to "accept" to be oppressed in the name of religion, tradition and identity). Also, they are not anti-sionists, but profoundly anti-jews. Her last book "Les Blancs, les Juifs et Nous (the whites, the jews and us)" is just a constant call to racial and religious segregation and hate... Buff, I think it's been enough...

Pd: Reviewing this post before publishing I've realised that indeed this allegedly "anti-colonial" movement is just the contrary. They defend the existence of a population in our territory that does not want to integrate with the rest of the population and that tries to impose their cultural traditions (some of them totally contrary to the basic principles of Humanism and Western Civilization). With this in mind, one can think that the only reason for this external population to come and stay here is either to take benefit of the economical resources of this territory (either by working, living off social welfare or plainly stealing) and/or expand and impose their "cultural" values. I call this COLONIALISM, arab/islamic (these "indigenes" do not represent at all the Non-Muslim Asian or African communities) colonialism over Europe.

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