Friday, 12 August 2016

The Failure of Daesh

Anyone reading this blog knows how much I hate salafism/wahabism or any other fascist and oppresive ideology that tries to destroy our "free" world, so you can imagine how much hate I've felt for the Daesh abomination after the horrendous attacks of the last weeks. I'm not going to talk about the attacks themselves, but about how they demonstrate how absolutely clumsy, stupid and failed Daesh is.

So far, media had sold us Daesh as a bunch of very intelligent monsters. Very intelligent because of their initial military success, their financial success, their successful use of propaganda to terrorize and entice more beasts to their ranks and so on. All this is true, and futhermore they have managed to create something that Al-Quaeda had just dreamed about for the far future, the creation of a (sort of) State (we have to admit that in their territory, that mix of prison and asylum, they have managed to create most of the structures of a state). So, why do I say that they are so clumsy and failed?

Their final aim is to make their distorted and perverted interpretation of Islam dominate the whole world, creating a global caliphate under their sickening sharia law. They can not invade western Europe as they did with Irak and Syria, so they intend to prompt the Muslim population already living here to start a Jihad and conquer these lands for their caliphate. Most European Muslims are in what is called "the grey zone", they are not salafist shit, but unfortunately they are not in the "muslim but almost secular" stage equivalent to that of most Western European Christians. For the population in this grey zone Islam is important, rather important or very important, but is not an ideology pushing them to separate from, hate and confront the infidels. Daesh aims by all means to create a situation where these Muslims will end up in conflict with Non Muslims, starting the so feared ethnic war. This mass of Muslims is not prone to be dragged into salafism by a few internet videos or a Saudi sponsored imam, so the way to turn them against "the infidels" is to put "the infidels" first against them, so that feeling attacked they come together and reply. The first step then is to make the infidels attack the normal Muslims, by blaming the whole Muslim population of the sickening terror attacks done by the salafist minority. Both populations have to fall in the trap of identifying the acts of a some individuals with the will of a whole community, but if the trap succeeds, chaos and horror will happen.

The last wave of attacks if for sure an attempt to drive us into that horror of "Non Muslims" against "Muslims" but indeed I think this strategy will hopefully fail, and second, if it were to unfortunately happen, it would be the most failed action perpetrated by Daesh. Let me explain:

The horrific actions by Daesh won't help to move the "moderate but devote Muslims" dwelling in that grey zone towards more integrist positions. On the contrary, I hope it will help to finally wake them up and put them clearly against the integrists. I've read some comments by normal Muslims that going beyond the classic "Islam is a religion of Peace", stated that all this madness was moving them away from Islam. Also notice that in the Paris and Nice attacks a good percentage of the casualties were normal Muslims, and this was not a collateral damage, indeed for radicals a moderate Muslim (one that enjoys the French National Day or takes a drink in a cafe surrounded by westerns) is even worse than an infidel. I hope normal Muslims are becoming aware of this. In the end, we could have a war between Radical Muslims against all the rest (normal Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists). It would be painful, but we would manage to clean up the scum from our continent.

The second main point is that even if we had a Muslims vs Non Muslims conflict on our streets, the winners (though such term is not much appropriate understanding that such a war would be a defeat for our model of muticultural society) would be for sure the latter. It's just a matter of numbers. Even in the cities with the largest number of muslims, their percentage is always smaller than that of Non Muslims, and in the army or the police these percentages are clearly lower. So, if a conflict really happened, there would be millions of victims, but for sure the output would not be "Islam ruling over Europe", but just the contrary "Islam erased from Europe". The most fascinating thing of this failed strategy by Daesh is that without a war, the idea of an Islamized Europe could well be true in maybe 100 years. Again is a matter of numbers, Muslims tend to have quite more kids than Non Muslims (but well, this applies mainly when compared to white Europeans, Europeans of Asian or black African origin still keep a not so low reproductive rate, so maybe it would take 200 years). So bringing up this bloody conflict will end up completely stopping that process of Islamization, a process that until now seemed not to be a big concern for too many Europeans... So Daesh, you've got it pretty wrong...

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