Monday, 7 November 2016

Toulouse Music Scene

For a young (100.000 students), arty and vibrant city as it is, the music scene in Toulouse is not as appealing to me as maybe I could expect, but there are several bands that are well worth a post

  • Wellington 1084. This duo plays very intense and emotive post-rock, so even if this style has not been my cup of tea in the last years I pretty enjoy giving them a listen.

  • N3rdistan. half of the band are from the old Midi-Pyrénéés region (now part of the new Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée region) and the other half comes from Morocco, but they're now set in the region. They play a really interesting blend of electro and oriental music with beautiful and energetic vocals rapping in Arab and darija. Though pretty different, they give me a feeling similar to Serj Tankian or the amazing Asturian band XeraYou have a good bio of the band here.

  • Woodwork. These guys play pretty good 90's poliical hardcore. I knew about them through some concert posters (to which I could not attend), and while writing these notes I've found that they have just released their first Lp, good :-)

  • Krav Boca. Pretty interesting and very active project. Excellent rapped vocals (in French and Greek, not sure if they are Greek immigrants or just have Greek descent) over rock music. Their videos are really professional and pretty amazing, I wonder how they managed to get access to some of the scenarios (and I guess for the opening of Florence they used a drone for filming, wow, things move fast...). I finally saw them live yesterday, and they pretty rock. By the way, now they have 3 MC's rather than 2.

  • Plum MC. I knew about this female political rapper little after coming to Toulouse. After occasionally checking her bandcamp to see if she had released something new (her first work had some promising aspects), last month I came across with good news, she had a new record, and it's pretty good. I particularly like the last 2 songs.

  • La Vermine. More local political Rap (AnarcoRap) (yep, sometimes, like my first visit to Mix'art Myrys, the huge alternative, leftist community in this city makes me think that I'm living in a small Berlin). They are releasing a new record late this year. Their previous works did not particularly impress me in general, but this video is pretty good.

  • Cerna. Political rap again and again... The guy is originally from Paris, but he was living in the region for a while (early this year he was playing in Toulouse pretty often). Not sure about his current whereabouts.

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