Friday, 28 July 2017

InHuman Rights

This week I've been reminded of how stupid some "Human Rights" organizations can be. After the Iraki Army finally managed to liberate Mosul from the Daesh monstrosity, Human Rights Watch denounced that the Iraki forces had mistreated and executed Daesh "militants" (I hate when the media calls these beasts "militants" it's a word that seems to normalize them, they are not "militants", they are fascists beasts). OK, so the Iraki forces have executed some "individuals" that were part of an "organization" that rapes and sells women as slaves, that throws homosexuals from the roofs, that chops people's heads or burn them alive because of being infidels... So what? Should we just put them in prison waiting for them to be rehabilitated? Bullshit, we must punish them in accordance to their crimes, so of course they must be executed, and before that we should make them suffer at least a bit of the pain that they have caused to others. Yes, I'm saying what you think to have understood, I think that Daesh members that have been captured alive should be physically punished (yeah, I'm trying avoid the word "torture" to not sound so "aggressive"), before being executed, "eye for an eye...". This reminds me of the nice treatment given by Nasser to Sayyid Qutb one prominent IslamooFascist that has been a source of inspiration for Islamists worlwide.

The difference between people that like me defend the execution (and previous physical punishment) of these monsters, and Human Rights organizations that decide to defend these beasts, is our conception of Humanity. I consider myself an Humanist, and I think of "Human" as a moral attribute, an attribute that can be lost due to our inhuman actions. Human Rights organizations think of "Human" just as a biological attribute that as such can not be lost (a Human can not be converted into a dog, so he will ever be a Human regardless of his actions and hence will always be granted with Human rights, whatever he has done).

For me, when a Human being commits brutal acts against other living beings (humans or animals), these inhuman actions deprive him of his Humanity, and the moral rules that we use when dealing with other humans (and should be applied also to animals) should no longer apply. At that point that individual must be punished with as much vehemence as those affected by his crimes (or the society in general) decide. This punishment can involve for sure execution, but also different levels physical and/or psycological punishment.

Last year there was an opinion poll in France (I think French people love polls, you constantly find in the news headers like "60% of French people think that...") where a big percentage of the participants said to agree with the idea of torturing Islamist Terrorists to obtain information (this was just after the capture of the Salah Abdeslam bastard). Of course I agree with the idea of subjecting Abdeslam (or any Salafist scum) to very hard physical punishments, but not just for obtaining information, but for the sake of justice. I'm fed up of the idea of "rehabilitation". Sometimes people commit small crimes out of real need, and for sure these people must be helped. Other times people just make "acceptable" errors, that's an essential part of our human condition. In these cases the ideas of rehabilitation and punishment should go together. Be deprived of your freedom for some time as a punishment, and leverage that time to help you make up your mind and choose a different path. But when the crime is too brutal, too cruel, I don't think rehabilitation should play any role, the only thing that matters is punishment.

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