Friday, 14 July 2017

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

It has passed almost one year since I watched The Witch, and my attitude towards horror films has not changed, I continue to be no particularly interested on "Paranormal" Horror, but again, as with The Witch, The American Cosmograph has given me the opportunity to watch a really good one, The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

One father and son run proudly and professionally an "Autopsy business". One evening the police brings them a new "client", a young, beautiful, unidentified (hence the "Jane Doe" thing) woman found dead in unknown circunstances. They start the examination, and as it advances more an more odd findings stack up until the first paranormal events start. So far, the film was a bit gore, now it turns violent and claustrophobic, with some good jump scares. To round it off they manage to give it a nice source to all this supernatural mess (OK, it's paranormal stuff, don't thik of a rational explanation, but the idea is cool). Indeed, this is one more point that makes me relate this film and The Witch

The acting is pretty good, particularly Brian Cox, and the 90 minutes of the film pass too fast. There is one of those moments of 5 seconds when the screen goes completely black (there's a blackout), that is particularly good when you are watching the film in the huge screen of a cinema.

All in all, a very good cinema, that for sure will be on top ten of 2017 Horror films and that you should watch.

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