Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Ethnic Cleansing in Afrin

For a while we've been hearing everywhere that ISIS/Daesh were defeated, that they were over. This was almost true, and the main actors in this victory have been the Kurds: the Kurds from Irak and particularly the Kurds from Syria (the heroic YPG/YPJ). Sadly, today ISIS/Daesh has won a battle and is conquering territory again. Along with the Turkish army and with the passive support of Rusia (that has allowed Turkey to enter the Syrian-Kurdish airspace to conduct airstrikes that included hospitals) they have captured Afrin, expelling the YPG/YPJ forces and causing the exodus of most of the Kurdish population, fleeding for their lives.

You could say that I'm lying, that it's not ISIS, but the FSA, the "Syrian rebels" who have invaded Afrin. Well, that's the name they are using, but names aside, they are a conglomerate of different Islamist factions put together by Erdogan. Some of them come from Al-Nusra, many of them from ISIS, some of them from whatever stupid name a bunch of Islamist beasts had decided to use. You can read it here

One former Isis soldier has told the journalist Patrick Cockburn: “Most of those who are fighting in Afrin against the YPG are Isis, though Turkey has trained them to change their assault tactics.

The thing is that they are all Islamist scum seeking revenge against those who had managed to defeat them before, thirsty for the blood of anyone that does not adhere to their vision of Islam (and Kurds are either moderate muslims or non religious). The Kurdish population is at serious risk of being slaughtered by these Islamist rats. Will we see again images of Kurdish/Yazidi women being sold as slaves? To what extent the ethnic cleansing orchestrated by Erdogan will be conducted? Will it be enough with just expelling the Kurds of the territory or will they be massacred? Turks really excel at conducting genocides, this, along with invading, looting and the slave trade are the main contributions of the Turkish people, the Ottoman beasts, to Human History.

You really must read this article, and this other one clearly explains why the Kurds had no chance to resist this invasion and talks about what can come next. This one has almost made me cry.

Once againg the Kurds have been betrayed and abandoned by the West, that has closed its eyes to these tragic events. I think now they have to be ready for the next treason. The DFNS seems like a risky bet to me. I think Kurds should not trust Arabs (well, nobody should trust Arabs), and of course they must not trust Turkmen, they should abandon the idea of this democratic confederation with them. The YPG/YPJ should concentrate their forces in the northern part of the region, where they are the majority, and not allow Arab/Turkmen forces to be there. The only armed forces in the Northen part of of the region should be the YPG/YPJ and the Assyrian militias, and be ready for an attack both from Turkey or from the Arabs.

Outside Syria, Kurds have to be ready and willing to war. I'd love to see Turkey pay for what they have done. I'd love to see each YPG/YPJ martyr killed by Turkish forces or Turkish sponsored yihadist be avenged, 10 Turkish soldiers for earch Kurdish (or international brigadist) martyr, 10 Erdogan supporters for each Kurdish civilian. Anyone that supports the war of the Turkish Islamist state against the Kurds both inside and outside Turkey is guilty. Any Turkish Nationalist that supports Erdogan is in the end an ISIS supporter and is guilty of raping and selling women as slaves, bombing hospitals and cutting throats...

The Turkish Nationalists feel pretty safe because unfortunately they are the majority both inside and outside Turkey. For example in Germany there are 3 million people of Turkish descent for 1 million people of Kurdish descent. For sure some of these Turks have become westernized and condemn the Erdogan Islamist crap, admit the existence of an Armenian Genocide and recognize the right of the Kurdish people to take control of their future... but unfortunately many of the German Turks are Turkish nationalists, Islamists, ignorant beasts... and hence they are the enemy. Of course you have to add to their ranks all the Islamist scum that has invaded Europe. The war between Turkish fascists and Islamists against Kurds in European soil is just waiting to start, and Kurds, given that they are weaker in numbers must be stronger in skills. Kurds have been the vanguard of the fight against the Islamist scum in Levant, now they must be it in Europe now. They have the courage and determination that us, the Europeans "de souche" lack. The Kurdish youth in Europe should be ready for this war. I'd love to see them organizing and training, gathering weapons and setting up underground training facilities. Last weeks have seen some attacks in Germany against Turkish "cultural" centers, mosques managed by the Turkish government, businesses... I hope this is just the beginning, I'd love to see them grow in quantity and quality. I'd love to see how the Islamists that poison our streets are fought and "neutralised", I'd love to see their indoctrination centers burnt to ashes. I'd love to see those Turkish nationalists that after having lived for decades in Germany still consider themselves 100% Turkish and 0% German... to fleed back into their Anatolian paradise... The fight for Kurdish rights and the fight for keeping Europe the land of humanism and freedom must converge as we share targets and enemies.

I've been on the verge of crying when reading about this young British International Brigadist killed by a Turkish airstrike.
Glory to Martyrs, Heroes never die.

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