Thursday, 29 March 2018

Turkish Kurdophobia

The hatred that Erdogan and the Turkish nationalists (hence, most of the Turkish population) feel for Kurds, Kurdophobia is almost unlimited. They hate any Kurd that considers himself a Kurd, regardless of whether he is a Socialist or not, regardless of whether he is a Muslim or an atheist. From the ultra nationalist, islamist point of view of an Erdogan supporter it's easy to understand their hatred for the Kurds living in Turkish soil. First they wanted an independent country, then they lowered their demands to just some basic autonomy and the respect of their culture, but anyway that is an insult to the sacred Turkish nation. For these Ottoman beasts that consider Turkey a sort of divine entity, the fact that someone wants to break away from such a "magical entity" is an insult, an affront. If furthermore those people a left leaning and not particularly religious (many kurds in Turkey are "soft muslims" or even not religious at all), they consider that their hatred is more than justified...

For decades Turkish nationalism has denied the existence of the Kurdish people. Furthermore they don't only attack and oppress the Kurds inside the fictitious Turkish borders, but now particularly the ones in Syria. This is pure ethnic hatred, the same hatred that led them to perpetrate the Armenian, Greek and Asyrian genocides. This hate and detestation is what has pushed them to ally themselves and sponsor the jihadists that torture, rate and mutilate Kurdish female fighters.

For sure this goes far beyond the nationalist need of protecting the "Turkish national unity", and I think it could come from the fact that Kurds have been living in those lands from much, much before the Ottoman invasion. The Kurds, same as Armenians or Persians, have been around the region for many, many centuries before Christ (4000 BC?). On the other side, Turks are a central Asian people, and they did not invade and settle in Anatolia until the 11th century AD. I assume most of the Turkish population are not full descendants of the Central Asian invaders, they are the Anatolian people that were colonised, accepted the culture of the invaders and maybe mixed with them, renouncing to their own culture. On the other side the Kurds kept their culture and identity alive, so one could think that the Turks have a hidden complex of inferiority with regards to the Kurds.

We all descend of migrants, so for sure our right to live in one territory has nothing to do with how long ago our ancestors got there, but such antiquity plays a role in to what extent we can consider that we are a "nation" and you are not. In that sense, the Kurds are a nation, and the Turks in nowadays Turkey are either descendents of the recent invaders that destroyed the Byzantine Empire or descendents of the natives that assimilated the culture of the invaders. I think for Turks the denial of the existence of a Kurdish people is a way to defend the legitimacy of the invasion and surrender of Anatolia and Thrace. If we applied to the Turks the same logic that has been applied to Europeans regarding colonialism, we could say that nowadays Turkey is just a colony, that all Turks of Central Asian origin living there should be expelled back to Central Asia and "the natives" should reject the imposed Turkish culture and recover their previous identity.

Well, I'm not asking exactly for that... just asking Turks to go fuck themselves and allow Kurds to do whatever they want with their destiny.


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